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Rockland Church’s work in Tanzania includes three ministry areas: education, NICU medical support, and Milky Goats–Egg-laying Hens self-sustaining program. Rockland serves in partnership with a local diocese, its churches, and the local community to provide support and encouragement to Maasai villagers, high school students and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit families.

Rockland members can participate in mission trips to Arusha, Tanzania to serve our sister churches and work with our African brothers and sisters in Christ to advance the kingdom of God. The next trip is July 2021. Costs run from $2500+, depending on whether Rockland mission members want to participate in a post-mission safari. Email for more information.

Girl's Secondary School Education

A very important part of the Rockland ministry since 2007 has been to provide Christian high school educational opportunities for girls who might otherwise not be able to continue their education beyond primary school and to extend additional opportunities for other girls in the community. Rockland, in partnership with local Ngaramtoni churches, select Christian girls for sponsorship. Over 185 Rockland have exchanged letters, prayed for and mentored over 220 students. As one Rockland sponsor put it, “The relationship we built with our sponsored girl during her 4 years of secondary education is very special. She calls us Mom and Dad in letters and shares with us her hopes and dreams. We pray for her and her family and have traveled to Arusha to meet her. She will always be in our lives.”

For information on sponsoring a student, contact Katie Bellott at

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Pathways - Vocational Education

Since 2011, over 100 students have matriculated from secondary education to the Rockland Pathways program. Students have completed vocational education certifications in business, culinary, travel and other skill-related post-secondary educational programs. Students scoring high on National exams may go to university, nursing school or become teachers. Rockland sponsors and Pathways students exchange letters multiple times throughout the year. For more information on Pathways, contact Cathy Rundle at

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (ALMC)

Rockland has a long and storied history in Medical mission work in Arusha. In 1988, Rockland helped build Selian Lutheran Hospital and funded its hospice program. In 2007, ALMC was built, with Rockland support. In 2013, Rockland began to support the NICU at ALMC, which boasts an 87% survival rate of premature infants. Families who cannot afford the $80 per day fee for infants and services, receive free care with support from donors like Rockland members. Each year, Rockland offers “Gift Cards” – where a donation can be made “in honor” of a person’s name. Consider donating to support the NICU and send Gift Cards for Christmas, birthdays or any special event. Contact Dan Hall for more information on NICU at


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Milky Goats & Hens Program

Rockland initiated a new “Milky Goats & Egg-laying Hens” program in 2020. This program re-invents the popular “Milky Cow” program which became self-sustaining in 2018, with cow recipients giving calves to other church members. In 2020, Rockland purchased over 100 goats and hens for poor Christian families in two new Maasai villages with our Lutheran church partners.

Rockland is offering “Gift Cards” – where a donation of a goat ($70) or a hen ($10) can be made “in honor” of a person’s name. Consider donating to support the Milky Goat – Hens Program and send Gift Cards for Christmas, birthdays or any special event. Contact Don MacIntosh for more information on this program at

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CLICK HERE TO DONATE online to Milky Goats- Hens

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General Tanzania Support

The Rockland Tanzania mission program has ongoing needs for its General Fund. Our Rockland Liaisons in Arusha – Patrick Ngala Olemong’i and Ellie Marco oversee our programs. General funds also support non-sponsored students, mission team support, student educational & mentoring seminars, transportation and health needs of students as they arise.

Click Here to donate to Rockland Tanzania Ministry


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There is a 3% paypal service charge for each transaction. Donations can also be made by check and put in the offering plate on Sunday mornings. Indicate Tanzania donations on the memo line.

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