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Our work in Tanzania includes three ministry areas: education, medical services, and mercy. We serve in partnership with a local diocese, its churches, and the local community to provide support and encouragement to orphans, widows, and the poor. 

Rockland mission teams travel annually to Arusha, Tanzania to serve our sister churches and work with them to advance the kingdom of God.

Faraja Orphanage

We were recently encouraged by our close friend and missionary, Pastor Abel, to partner with Ilboru Church in support of over 200 children at Faraja Orphanage. All of us who have visited Faraja have fallen in love with the leaders, staff, and especially the precious children who never let go of your hand and have hearts of pure love.

While our ministry here is evolving and expanding, we are currently providing funds for much-needed food, bedding, and clothing. In addition to these critical basic needs, Faraja is desperate for assistance with educational and medical needs, with many suffering from HIV. Most of all, these children need to feel the love of Jesus through us. We hope to make Faraja an integral part of future mission trips.


Children's Center

The Children’s Centers at Ngaramtoni, Ilboru, and Selian churches currently serve 210 children, ranging in age from 3 to upper teens. The programs help children marginalized by poverty or loss of family to survive and grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The children, who are mostly orphans living with guardian families or single parent families, come to the Center on Saturdays where they receive a meal prepared by volunteers and participate in worship services, activities, and Bible studies.In addition, the children are monitored and treated for minor health problems.

The parish churches provide volunteers and funding for the operation of the Centers. Rockland provides donations during the year and brings supplies, materials, uniforms, shoes, Bibles and special gifts when the mission teams visit.

Girl's Secondary School Education

A very important part of the Rockland ministry from the very beginning has been to provide educational opportunities for girls who might otherwise not be able to continue their education beyond primary school and to extend additional opportunities for other girls in the community. Rockland, in partnership with Ngaramtoni Church, was instrumental in founding and developing Olmotonyi Girl’s School, where many disadvantaged girls have graduated and gone on to successful lives and careers

In 2015, God led us to two new schools, MWEDO and Renea, both of which have excellent credentials and have welcomed our girls with open arms. We currently sponsor over 50 girls at these schools, and they are receiving a fabulous education in preparation for advanced education and careers in the local community and beyond. It is going to be exciting to watch the girls flourish and excel in a new school environment.

Milky Cow Project

Since this program was started in 2008, hundreds of cows and goats have been distributed to needy families, in addition to dozens of flocks of chickens. The program is continuing to expand as the offspring of the animals are passed along to other needy families. There will be an opportunity for Rockland supporters to add new animals to the program at Christmas. This self-sustaining program gives life to marginalized families.

Other Projects

In addition to the ministries described above, we are financially supporting a Newborn ICU at ALMC hospital so that mothers with limited funds can bring their babies free of charge for specialty care.

Sarah’s Plaster House has grown exponentially in the years we have been supporting this Christ-centered haven for crippled, deformed, and tragically burned children.

The Post Graduate Program (PGP) continues to give qualified and deserving girls a helping hand to follow their career dreams.

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