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World Vision Romania Partners  -  Our Latest Video

The Romanian Scholarship program has been a tremendous success supporting 45 students, ranging from 9th through 12th grades. 
Watch this video for a BIG THANK YOU!

The Program Has Been Active for over 12 years (2008 to 2020):

During that time, we have helped many students achieve a much better life for themselves and their families by providing the resources for them to attend at least the 9th grade in high school.  Many went on to graduate from high school which allowed them to continue into trade schools, compete for jobs, and enter university programs.  Without our help, these bright kids would be relegated to much less productive roles, with family struggles to earn a livelihood.

The program has achieved these two major goals that we set out in 2008:

  1. To support children from the rural areas to continue their education in high-school and enable them to go beyond to University, vocational school or be qualified for a job.
  2. To enrich their lives with spiritual learning and life skills.

Since 2008 here are some of the stats:

  • The program has served over 155 students (45 students are in school presently)
  • 106 have graduated high school (this is a 98% graduation rate which towers over the national rate of 65%)
  • 61% of our graduates go onto University – compared to a national average of 36%
  • 12% go on to Trade Schools – which is impossible without a high school graduate degree
  • 28% get good paying jobs that they would not have been able to find without a high school degree.


What the Future Holds…. 

As our partner World Vision winds up their presence in Romania in September 2022, so will Rockland Church.  Rockland will remain fully committed to the Romanian Scholarship Mission through the next two academic years: “Fall 2020/Spring 2021 and Fall 2021/Spring 2022".  

This program is called “I Want to be in the Ninth Grade”; and has always been provided on a year-to- year basis.   Our recent World Vision National director clarified that even getting to the 9th grade is a critical step in the educational process for a student going on to succeeding in secondary education.  The seemingly simple step of advancing to 9th grade statistically incentivizes them to continue through high school, as the drop-out rate after 8th Grade is extremely high.

We want to finish this program strongly and can only do that with the continued support of scholarship sponsors like yourselves.

Recently, twelve (12) of the seniors graduated and will be moving on to future endeavors.  Consequently, we will need additional sponsors to pick up twelve (12) new 9th graders in September 2020 ($700 per year).   This scholarship program commitment is on a year to year basis.  Vali and Cristina have confirmed that the 9th graders selected this year know that they will be supported for the next 2 years only; and, they will be thrilled with that upcoming two years of sponsorship.

Next year we will bring in another twelve 9th ninth graders; and, they likewise will be excited to experience even one year of high school that has been subsidized.  We are assured that their exposure to high school (even if only for one year) will entice them to continue and show them a world of opportunities beyond their rural, family farm settings.  Sponsors have stepped forward for some of these students, but six remain in need of a sponsor.  Please contact Sue Engle at with any questions OR if you are interested in sponsoring ($700. Per year).


RCC Scholarship kids say



There are new students who are in need of sponsorships for 2021-22!

Please contact Sue Engle for more information


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