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Rockland’s outreach to Romania began in the early 2000s. Funding today is primarily directed to supporting needy high school students in the Cluj area.


Statistically, as recently as 2008 only 54% of the children from rural areas in Romania attended high school. Others were forced to abandon their schooling due to poverty. In most cases, families did not see education as a priority, parents did not encourage their children to study, and they were kept home to help on farms or around the home. Lacking this opportunity, these children would have been “left behind,” forced to work on subsistence farms in the villages and unable to better themselves through a high school education.

The scholarship program from Rockland, administered by World Vision Romania, is committed to an annual support of 45 students. To date, more than 90 Rockland-sponsored students have graduated from high school - and most of whom have gone on to college, trade school or service jobs. Most recently, a graduate was admitted to Medical School.  Key benefits of this program include:

  • Providing equal chances for children from rural areas to achieve their potential
  • Decreasing the drop-out rate
  • Discipleship (spiritual growth) of students on the ground by local staff
  • Students who are the beneficiaries of this project are truly agents of change, who will ultimately change the mentalities of their parents and community members in terms of their view of education.

Each sponsorship actually only covers half of what is needed to fund the program. The balance comes from donations and money raised at the annual fundraiser.

For more information on the Romania Outreach, please Email Bob Ehret


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