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Rockland Talks

Rockland Talks



"How to Combat the Woke Culture" featuring Noelle Mering

 May 31, 2023 at 6:30 PM   

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Noelle is a Fellow at the Washington DC based think tank, the Ethics and Public Policy Center.  She is author of the book, Awake Not Woke:  A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology.  She is founder and editor of the website Theology of the Home and coauthor of the book Theology of the Home.  She writes on culture, politics, and religion and has published for National Review, The Federalist, The American Mind, and Catholic World Report. Noelle has an MA in philosophy and is the wife and mother of six children in Southern California.

Feel free to invite friends and family. We hope to see you there!



Rockland Talks and our emphasis on a biblical worldview is a response to our changing society and culture. Rockland Talks is a tongue-in-cheek counterbalance to the secular Ted Talks. It will anchor on biblical doctrine, be led by Christian speaks, and provide a unique perspective on cultural trends or current events that run counter to the Word.

Rockland’s Discipleship Team started with the premise that everyone in the Church needs to be equipped to see the world as God sees it. We recognize that there will always be moral commitments in the church that are at first unattractive to the world, but we do not want to shy away from nor avoid those conversations. Rockland Talks, which will be held twice per year, acts like a forum that holds a Bible in one hand and today’s newspaper headline in the other hand. This fits within our overall purpose of:

1. Go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ

2.   Help equip the saints and mature you as Christians to advance and defend the faith with your families, in your communities, and in the public square


October 2022

Check back for Philip Yancey's "Engaging Culture through a Biblical Lens"!


April 2022

Rockland Talks - The Spiritual Battle for Your Mind



Best-selling author, founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries, and former Chair of the Practical Theology Department at Talbott School of Theology came to speak at Rockland about the Spiritual Battle for Your Mind. Neil addressed five key areas that confront all Christians: The spiritual battle for your mind and helps to answer why, when I become a Christian, I don't feel any different? The battle between truth and lies and how are Christians being deceived by the World, their flesh and Satan. Worldly temptations, obedience to God and threshold thinking. Your identity and what Christ says vs what the western secular culture says. The renewing of your mind and how to achieve mental peace and avoid condemning, tempting, or accusing thoughts to be yourself as a child of God.

September 2021

Rockland Talks - What to Do Next in Post-Christian America?




According to a recent Gallup Poll, for the first time in 80 years, less than half of American adults belong to a religious congregation. This can feel like difficult news as we witness the marginalization of religious participation and hear condemnations of Christian values and institutions. We mourn the tense divisions present between churches, marriages, families, and friends. Against this backdrop, we ask, "What do we do next in a post-Christian America?" To help us answer that question and provide us a unique perspective, the Discipleship Team invited Father Lou Christopolus to offer his insight from the Easter Orthodox Church, drawing us back to our early Christian roots.