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Great ways to connect and serve in our Worship Ministry!

  • Communion: Assist the Pastors in serving Holy Communion to the Rockland congregation. 9:00am service has communion each Sunday, 10:30am service has communion once a month. Contact Chuch Drage- Email
  • Greeters: Meet and greet both members and visitors at each of our church entrances. Contact Steve Hannah- Email
  • Scripture Readers: Read the Holy Bible (ESV) scripture from the pulpit prior to the sermon at our 9am worship service. Contact Lou Henefeld- Email
  • Prayer Partners: You can be available to those in the congregation who would desire to receive personal prayer after the services. Contact Judy Griebling- Email
  • Sound Booth: Are you a techie at heart? We'll teach you all you need to know. Help in a crucial position for our worship services. Contact Jed Burnham- Email
  • Ushers: Four of our Rockland people handle the offertory plates through the congregation and bring it forward for prayer during the services. Contact Jay Byerly- Email
  • Choir, Festival Choir, Musicians & Vocalists: Let your joyful voice join others who share music in your soul. Be an integral part of our worship service. Contact Susan Hutchinson-Banning- Email OR Heidi Duston- Email