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Our Caring Ministry- Feb/Mar Chimes

This is to honor our wonderful Knitting Team at Rockland.

Interestingly it was Liz Hawkins' daughter Jenny, who knitted the wonderful Prayer Squares when she was recovering with an injury. She needed something to do to pass the time and Jenny has blessed us beyond words.

One morning I was in my office when sweet Marlee and her momma Suzanne walked into my office. Marlee just shined and Suzanne began to talk about the Prayer Square that was given to Marlee. I was so moved by her testimony, especially being a young person! There is just something special about a young person shining the love of Jesus! The best was saved for last. Marlee asked me if she could have more Prayer Squares to bring to school to give to friends that she knew were struggling. This is what I call God Droplets! When the love of Jesus is planted into a young person's heart, it's just like a droplet of water in a full sink. That droplet causes continual ripples and unless there is something like a wall, the ripples are unstoppable. 

Oh Lord let us all remember that child-like faith that touches the heart of our Father!

Marlee Thompson’s Testimony

Hello everyone! My name is Marlee Thompson and I am currently a Sophomore at Grand Canyon University, and this is my prayer square story. My story starts this year first semester. First semester was very tough for me because I had gone through a traumatic brain injury so everything in my head and how I processed was not the same—it was more difficult. My mom and everyone in Wednesday morning Bible study, were praying for me when Amy Sideroff told my mom about the prayer squares. So my mama sent some right over. At first I thought it was a cute drink coaster until my mama called and explained everything. Since that point I have taken it everywhere. I took it with me to an important final that I was super nervous for, finding comfort knowing I was surrounded by the ladies who made the square and for everyone who was thinking of me.

I ended up getting a 96 on my final and it is one hundred percent due to the fact that those ladies took the time to make, pray, and send off that prayer square. I do not leave the house or go to class without having my prayer square. I found comfort again recently, when I had to get a biopsy done. I was very nervous but having that square helped so so much! They let me take it with me into the room and let me hold it while the procedure was occurring (I think the doctor found comfort in the prayer square as well) I cannot express how very grateful and thankful I am for my prayer square! Prayer is powerful! I hope my story brings you joy and hope, along with encouraging you to find your very own prayer square! 

-Dawn Wanser