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Great ways to connect and serve in our Church Operations!

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  • Sunday Morning Counters: Do you like to count money? Do you have 30 minutes to spare on a Sunday morning once per month? This might be your opportunity to serve! Two unrelated adults count the offering on Sunday mornings.
  • Workday Volunteers: We hold work days here at the church and at Historic Rockland Church each spring. Watch the bulletin for dates in the spring! We need a wide variety of projects completed, so there are jobs for everyone!
  • General building maintenance (as needed)Our church building is always needing repairs or updates of some type. we have a group of individuals who are on call when we have a need. This is ideal for individuals who are handy, and able to fix various things.
  • Interior Plant Waterers: We have two individuals who water our inside plants, they each water every 4 weeks, and it takes about 45 minutes each time.
  • Chimes Mailing Crew: We have a faithful group of volunteers who prepare our monthly Chimes publication for mailing by attaching stickers and address labels one Tuesday morning a month. We have fun, often food and get the job done! Please join us!
  • Gardening Crew: Rockland has beautiful flower beds in front of our church and in the prayer garden. We are always seeking volunteers who have a green thumb, or who just like to garden to help maintain these gorgeous flowers.
  • Historic Rockland Volunteers: We have a variety of opportunities to help with our Historic Church. From helping coordinate the annual Memorial Day service, to helping maintain our cemetery and church grounds, there is always a need for help!
  • Security Volunteers: We have volunteer security individuals before, during and after each service. Each shift is 2 hours, 8:30–10:30, or 10:00-12:00. These positions work in coordination with our Jefferson County Sherriff to help keep our congregation safe.