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Mean Street Received Help from God

Sometimes God answers our prayers in unexpected ways.

Mean Street’s board and staff have been brainstorming ways to reach a wider audience, increase our volunteer and donor base, and offer services to more folks in need. God came up with a strategy we never could’ve conceived!

On Thursday, October 10, we arrived at the Mean Street office to find that our brand new, 16-year-old box truck had been stolen. This box truck picks up around 15,000 pounds of food per month – food used to stock our food bank, provide a hot breakfast daily in the café, provide food for needy local elementary school families as well as local motel guests. Without the truck, a major portion of the ministry would not be able to continue to operate within days.

But God had an unknown and amazing plan in store for the ministry. A Facebook Post about our stolen truck brought a call from Denver 7 News. Between the news story that aired that evening, and our Facebook Post, we were inundated with people and organizations wanting to help. We couldn’t keep up with the calls and posts offering trucks, manpower, money and prayers! God’s hand was at work in a mighty way.

The following Monday, 7 News came back to offer us a gift! They introduced us to the wonderful owners of 3R Technology Solutions. Pete, Tim and Terry of 3RTS presented Mean Street with the first box truck they had purchased. Tuesday afternoon we went back and picked it up.

On Wednesday, October 16, Mean Street was officially back in business, able to gather the needed food for distribution! The ministry was shared with the community at large in a much bigger way than we could have imagined. Our Facebook Post was viewed by over 15,000 and over 50 people reposted the story on their own Facebook Pages. We are still returning calls and messages to people that contacted us to help in so many capacities and we are so grateful that they have reached out to us.

And our gratefulness extends to you, Rockland! You have been part of Mean Street from the beginning and we cherish you and thank you so much for all of your years of support. You uphold us with your prayers and your donations and we couldn’t do what we do without you.

As we roll headlong into this winter season, any donations of winter supplies for our clients are much appreciated! As you know, we always need warm coats, gloves, backpacks, rolling bags, sleeping bags, warm blankets, as well as various toiletries, shaving supplies, female supplies and diapers/wipes. Of course, monetary donations are always so helpful to meet the ever-changing variety of needs.

Thank you again, Rockland for being such a “Rock” of support to us. May you be blessed as you bless us!

In gratefulness,
The staff and board of Mean Street Ministry