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Mean Street Ministries- Feb/Mar Chimes

Happy New Year Rockland!

As 2020 begins, Mean Street Ministry prays for God’s clear vision and guidance to serve those He brings to us throughout this year.  Homelessness is so prevalent in the Denver Metro area but solutions seem scarce.  We know from talking with many of you that your heart strives with us as we seek Jesus for His plan to bring help and hope to those in great need.  Part of our job is to help decipher what those needs are.  Certainly the homeless need shelter/affordable housing, but it goes deeper than that.  As Christians we know that individuals need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to give them strength, direction, healing and hope.  Both physical and spiritual needs must be met for wholeness.

Mean Street Ministry has been attending to both for many years with our street outreach as well as at our main office. Wonderful volunteers visit the Colfax motels each Monday and Tuesday providing food, resources and prayer, and in 2019, 65 people prayed with volunteers to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life!  Our main office sees many of our clients daily as they visit for a meal, warmth, cold weather resources, support service navigation, counseling, prayer and a listening ear.  We enjoy taking time to chat with them as we get to know them better and beginning this January we are implementing a dedicated time daily for spiritual support which will include Bible study, discipleship, personal and group counseling, prayer, and life skills exercises to help individuals grow in God’s Word and His incredible love for them.

Please pray for us that God will guide us in this sacred endeavor to speak His truth to meet the desperate need of the soul.  Mean Street Ministry is so thankful for our brothers and sisters in Christ at Rockland and we know that with your continued prayer and support, we will inch ever closer to being the hands and feet of Jesus, one precious soul at a time.

-The staff of Mean Street Ministry