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Spring has sprung at Loaves & Fishes! With the help of all of our friends at Rockland, we were able to celebrate Easter by providing over 125 families with Easter dinner! We also had the privilege of giving almost 50 children Easter baskets filled with candy, chocolate and lots of love!

Spring brings the shoulder season to Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County. Ski resorts close down and there are several weeks before the rafting season begins. This transition attracts a fair amount of new people to the area and thus a few new clients for us here at Loaves & Fishes. The last two weeks have brought over 25 new families to our ministry. We are beyond thankful that we have the resources to help them as they transition into the community.

With the help, love, and support of Lori Fulmer and the rest of her wonderful staff, the children’s program at Rockland, Loaves & Fishes was the recipient of more than 500 lbs of food purchased by the kids with “Kingdom Cash “ earned through hard work in their program. My wife, Christine and I were on hand to watch the culmination of their food drive and I can’t tell you how fun and heart -warming it was to see their connection with the spirit of giving to those in need.  

Thanks again to all of you at Rockland! Your support spiritually, financially and physically are at the core of what we try and accomplish here at Loaves & Fishes - service to those in need through the hands of Christ.