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Congregational Fellowship

Great ways to connect and serve in our Congregational Fellowship!

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  • Coffee, Tea, and Donuts: Come serve these fun refreshments at the 10:00am & 11:30am Fellowship Hall and make some new friends!
  • Monthly Wednesday Night Dinners: Assist us in the set-up for our Monthly Night Dinners (as well as the clean-up)!
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon: Help us serve lunch to honor our wonderful staff!
  • Veterans' & Memorial Day Recognition: Help us hand out carnations to our Rockland Veterans before the start of our 9:00am and 10:30am Worship Services.
  • Hanging of the Green: Participate in the festive activity of decorating Rockland for Christmas! Normally takes place the Friday following Thanksgiving!
  • Unhanging of the Green: What goes up must come down! Assist in de-decorating Rockland the first Sunday of January!
  • Christmas Yuletide Luncheon: Be part of the service side of the Annual Churchwide Christmas Luncheon (normally the second Tuesday in December)
  • Bright Sunday: Bright Sunday is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection the week after Easter! Rockland celebrates by wearing bright clothes and enjoys a potluck lunch! Assist us in the preparation of our traditional Bright Sunday potluck meal celebration (always the Sunday following Easter). 
  • Fall Festival: Assist in preparing Rockland for our over the top Fall Festival (normally occurring mid-September)