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A Good Month for Tanzania

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Pastor Abel’s visit was the highlight of an exciting April for Rockland’s ministry in Tanzania.

Abel Godson is pastor of Ilboru Evangelical Lutheran Church in Arusha, Tanzania. His visit was an opportunity for us to renew our fellowship with him and to hear from him about Ilboru Children’s Center, the construction of Ilboru’s Christian primary school, and how Rockland’s Milky Cow program has provided income and opportunity to the poor Christians of Ilboru parish. Most of all, we were blessed to discover how Muslim adults and children are being introduced to Christ through the church’s evangelism and outreach.

April was also a month of overflowing support for our Christian girls in secondary education (the USA equivalent of high school) in Arusha. Eleven Rockland members generously pledged to sponsor our students with their prayers, their letters, and their wallets. Tanzania is among the 25 poorest countries in the world. Without our support, these beautiful young women face a dim and perilous future. With a high school education, they have every prospect to better their lives and the lives of their

We had hoped that the Bright Sunday bake sale, organized by Julie Deleeuw and her many helpers, would raise $400 to purchase English Bibles for our 49 high school girls. Praise God, their hard work brought in $1,358! This enables us to also purchase Bibles for an additional 22 young women, whom Rockland sponsors, who are now furthering their education beyond high school.

Thank you also, Rockland members, for your generous contributions to Tanzania in the Sunday $1 program in April. With Rockland Church’s match, a total of $3,718 was contributed to our ministry fund. In the coming months, we will inform you how this money, and the bake sale overage, will be spent.