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High School

High School

Our high school group is made up of students from all over Evergreen, Golden, Lakewood and surrounding areas in 9th - 12th grade. Our goal is to grow together and care for each other.

These years are designed to be years where we are preparing students for after they leave home. We desire to raise up godly young men and women who will go out into the world as servants of Jesus with an identity fully resting in Him. We want to equip them with a biblical worldview to guide them through their high school years and set the foundation for who they will be as adults.

DavidDavid Brown
Discipleship Pastor
303.526.0668 ext 205




SarahSarah Wichael
Student Ministry Leader
303.526.0668 ext 225




Sunday Nights

Our Sunday Night Youth Group program is held from 5:00-6:30pm at Rockland downstairs in the Student Room for grades 9-12. We will hang out and fellowship with each other by playing games and getting to know each other. Then we dive into the Scripture in a small group setting as we discuss with an adult leader what the Word of God says and how it applies to our lives.

  • July 12, 2020- Youth Group will be held at the Heck's Home
  • July 19, 2020- Youth Group will be held at the Gribnitz's Home

Email Sarah Wicheal, Student Ministry Leader, for home addresses!

Monthly Events

New events coming soon!

Summer Mission Trip

Due to the Coronavirus, we will not be taking any summer mission trips in 2020

Our King Soopers Card fundraiser is a perfect way to help pay for your student's mission trip. Just pick up a card from us, use it on groceries and gas, and 5% goes towards your student's trip! Enroll your card today and start supporting our Students!

Serve With Us

We enjoy serving together as a group, but you can also Serve on your own or with your family. 

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