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Greece 2020

Greece 2020

October 8-18, 2020 with Rockland and Pastor Jim

You are invited!

Come and join us in fellowship with other Rockland regulars, as we travel the ancient landscape of Homeric myths and Bible truths! Bring your Bible and learn about the Apostle Paul and his mission journeys to bring the Gospel to Greece. Let’s have the Word of God come to life together!

Walk where Paul walked!

We will be following in Paul’s footsteps through his second missionary journey in the Book of Acts, which many scholars would call the worst time in Paul’s ministry. Paul was chased out of every place the Gospel took hold and ended up in despair until Jesus appeared to him and turned the loss into a lesson.

Our journey will begin, in Thessaloniki, where we will drive to the entry point of the Gospel into Europe at ancient Phillipi and its nearby port of modern Kavalla. This will serve as an introduction to Paul and his life and explore what it was like to be a first century Greek. Back in Thessaloniki, we will examine both the ancient and modern city with a view towards the seven basic practices Paul pressed the early believers to emulate, visiting museums and a basilica.

On to Macedonia, we will explore ancient tombs and learn about Paul’s outreach there. Then, we will trek to Athens and follow the story of Paul’s emotional struggle and visit sights including an ancient marketplace in which Paul spent time, an archeological cemetery, as well as other ancient monuments. Our final day will be spent in Corinth, where Paul focused on building ministry partners through visits and letters.

Additionally, there will be time for shopping and exploring the cuisine of Greece. An optional three-day cruise extension is available with stops in Turkey, and the Greek islands.

Extension Tour by Sea

For those who decide they want more of the beauty of the Aegean, we offer an optional 3-night cruise extension:

Day Nine. Friday, October 16, 2020:

Depart 11:30AM from Pireaus (Port of Athens) for our voyage to Mykonos.

Day Ten. Saturday, October 17, 2020:

Today we visit the ports of call at Kusadasi (Ephesus, Turkey) and the Island of Patmos where John wrote the book of Revelation.

Day Eleven. Sunday, October 18, 2020:

Today we stop in Heraklion, Crete and the Island of Santorini. Crete is mentioned in the account of Paul’s sea journey to Rome (Acts 27) and is the place that Paul left Titus to develop the churches there (Titus 1:5).

Day Twelve. Monday, October 19, 2020:

Arrive (7:00 AM) in the port in Pireaus. Transfer to the airport for flight to the USA.


Christian Travel Study Programs, Inc.

Dr. Randall Smith has been leading Bible study tours and teaching throughout the region. From cruise ships to camel back, he is a teacher of the Bible, of history and of archaeology and he will accompany us for the land tour in Greece.

Because this trip is intended to strengthen the bonds within our church, we are only opening this up to Rockland members, regular attenders and their immediate family members first. If space is still available, it may be open to others as well.

Tel. 863-382-9603

Use the link below to reserve your spot!

$3698 From Denver

$2598 Land Only

$1299 Cruise Extension