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Annual Meeting

February 3, 2019

11:45am – 12:45pm

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Official Congregational Meeting Announcement
Rockland Community Church

Sunday, February 3, 2019 / 11:45am

Your presence is requested at the annual meeting. We meet formally once a year to:

  • Celebrate the last year and look forward to 2019
  • Vote in 1 new elder and several new deacons
  • Amend Bylaws and other business matters*(summary below)
  • Approve the budget

Please mark your calendars, we need a quorum!

Rockland has joined the Alliance Defending Freedom, which is a national organization dedicated to defending Christian organizations who end up in court as a result of their religious beliefs.  They have recommended several changes to our constitution and by-laws.  A task force will review these recommendations and other needed changes and assist the elders with an open, transparent communication process with Rockland, and will present them for consideration next year.  (No changes are presented this year.)

*Note: If you have any issues or questions related to other business matters that you wish to be addressed at the Annual Meeting, please submit them for consideration in writing not later than Sunday January 20, 2019 to any elder.  Contact information is in the directory.  We are asking for this information so that we can be better prepared to discuss issues and/or to answer questions.

Lead Elder, Jed Burnham

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