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Your Questions, Answered! (VIDEO)


1fbbf34c6855e269332888dfa674ca4aInterview by Pastor Jim with Marriage Counselor, Sean Taylor


HUGE thanks to Sean Taylor, a marriage counselor and co-founder of Cornerstone Christian Counseling for being willing to sit down and do this video interview! This is the first batch of answers to questions from YOU, the Rockland congregation, about marriage.

Questions include:

  • What effects have you seen that COVID is having on marriages?
  • What are the biggest issues in marriages that cause the most strain?
  • How can a couple overcome communication issues? What if one spouse is unwilling to change and has been unwilling to do so for years?
  • What do you do if there is a disagreement and there is not really an option to compromise?
  • How to forgive - for real?

See you Sunday!