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worship, connect, SERVE, give

We grow in Christ when we Worship, Connect, Serve and Give. 

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.
I Cor. 12:7

The Greek word for "common Good" (above) is 'sym-phero', where get our word 'symphony'. The idea being that you can have several people playing instrument solos, but when they all play together, it is even more beautiful. The body of Christ serving as individuals is good, but when it is done altogether it is greater than the sum of the parts. We make a symphony when we partner together and serve the body of Christ and the community.

Did you know that I got my call to ministry by serving? I led a group of middle school boys on a Sunday Morning for years at my home church in Dallas right after 9/11 and couldn't find a job. The youth pastor asked if I'd like to be on staff part time. I said "Sure, but I won't be here long". I proved him wrong when I left that staff a mere ten years later. Since then I have been in vocational ministry all my life, gotten ordained, and finished two seminary degrees.

I showed him.

Not everyone is called to serve in ministry as a source of income and livelihood, but we Christians are all called to serve in the local church as one big team. The impact we have when we all serve together is a beautiful symphony.

What are your gifts? Do you have the gift of leadership? Working with students? Teaching? Service behind the scenes? Hospitality? Caring? Counseling?

Here is a simple exercise for you to do.

Fill in the blank: My ministry is ___________.

If you don't have a ministry, reply to this email and let's talk. I'd love to find out more about what stirs your heart so you, too, can be part of the symphony.

See you Sunday!