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Proverbs 2

Have you ever said something and as soon as you said it wished you could take it back? I have who, quite unfortunately, has had plenty of times where he has said something and then realized it was awful. I...I mean 'he'... tried hard to mask it with a quick "just kidding" and he hoped that everyone laughed and never talked about how rude it was.

Man, that guy is awful.

We have all lived long enough now to know that controlling our tongue is vital and can have a lot of negative repercussions if we don't. Careless words:

  1. Dishonor God and therefore ruin intimacy with Him
  2. Dishonor others and ruin relationships with them
  3. Make people respect us less
  4. Discourage others from being vulnerable with us
  5. Parents using harsh words with kids can lead to very negative consequences later in life (increased counseling, lower self-esteem, etc.)
  6.  A million other reasons

My friend has thought before, though, "That is just who I am."

Solomon says in Proverbs 26:18:

"Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I am only joking!”


Christians: we must restrain our tongue, remembering that God Almighty restrains Himself to lash out at us, because Christ has already paid our debt.

As bad as a careless word can damage a heart, a carefully-chosen, encouraging word can change a life and lift a spirit. Our words have the power to tear down or build up.

Who can you encourage today?

See you Sunday!

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