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Why Worship?

Sermon note for this week: This week we will be examining the commands in Deuteronomy 7:1-2 and talking through "How can a loving God command His people to wipe out a nation, including men, women, and children and then in the New Testament tells us to "turn the other cheek"?


*Don't forget that this week is time change Sunday -


Have you ever asked yourself, 'Why worship?'.

What I mean is not why come to 'big church' on Sundays, but why should someone worship God at all at any time? Why should we esteem Him so highly and show it through our devotion and service to Him? If there is really not a good reason, isn't it a silly waste of time?

There are many reasons I suppose...

It is effective. Note how many Old Testament saints (Joshua comes to mind for some reason) worship God as they walk in to battle. When they do that, God gives them the victory. It reminds them of God's goodness, that He is trustworthy, and that trust is much better placed in Him than themselves. Worship is an expression of trust in Him.

To live a righteous life. Righteousness all starts with worship. John Calvin once noted:

“Apart from the fear of God men do not preserve equity and love among themselves. Therefore we call the worship of God the beginning and foundation of righteousness.”

-John Calvin, Institutes, II, viii, 11

But the two reasons that make the most sense to me are that
1) We are commanded to. If God never explains Himself as to why He commands me to, it shouldn't matter. We worship because He is God, we are not, and He tells us to.

2) It makes sense. We are less than peons in comparison to The Almighty. Our natural response of a right understanding of God should be worship.

Every Sunday we have a unique opportunity to worship God as a community. I hope and pray you take every opportunity to make much of God and be fully present regularly.

Not because I want to preach to more people, not because it is a good 'religious' thing to do, but because it shapes us, we are commanded to, and it spurs us to righteous living so we can impact the world for Him.

See you Sunday!