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Weekly Emails

Why Holy Week Matters


Ed Lange

I remember as a child waving palm branches at a number of our Palm Sunday Worship Services at my home church in Sunnyvale, California. I well remember participating in our church’s very meaningful Maundy Thursday Service 3 years running as a college student. I so remember, as a young married couple, Michelle and I experiencing Good Friday hiking and mediating on Scripture. As a pastor, I cherish my current understanding of Silent Saturday. Finally, I have so enjoyed over 30 Easter Day celebrations at Rockland and with my growing family in Colorado. 
Holy Week 2020 will be way different this year.

If I am honest, Holy Week 2020 feels like one big Good Friday.    
But maybe, just maybe, there is something that will bless my faith in Jesus this Holy Week 2020. You see, I wonder if I am now better able to relate to the disciple’s experience of Good Friday? Just like them, I am living in a time of uncertainty, surrounded by people who feel a great deal of fear.
However, there is one major difference. I know how Good Friday turns out, because I’m living in light of Resurrection Sunday. As a result, even in the midst of a global pandemic, I am choosing to hold fast to my Resurrection faith and my Resurrection hope!
One book that has been helpful for me over the years during this week is John Ortberg’s book, Who is this Man? The final 3 chapters, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, are excellent short reads regarding Holy Week.  
So what will I do this Holy Week? I am going to experience Maundy Thursday and Easter services online thanking Him that He has overcome the world! And one other thing: I am going to re-read those 3 chapters in Ortberg’s book and feed my resurrection faith in the risen King of Kings.

God bless you this Holy Week,
-Pastor Ed

Holy Week (April 5th-12th) Schedule

  • Maundy Thursday: Thursday night from 7-8PM, we will be live-streaming a Maundy Thursday service on the Rockland website, the same place you go on the web to watch the Sunday services. It will be a traditional service focusing on Jesus' final moments with His disciples on earth. The service is intended to be both sobering and encouraging.
  • Good Friday: We will be live-streaming a reverent, contemplative time with Susan Banning and Heidi Duston playing and singing together for an hour on Friday from 12-1 PM. 
  • Easter Sunday: We will be live-streaming our Easter service with elements of traditional and contemporary worship at 9 AM Easter Sunday.

    Note: All these will be archived so if you do not make it to that time you can go back and watch them any time. Here is the link for all of the above.