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Who Do You Think You Are?

Those in philosophy, sociology, and academia are uniformly fascinated by the answer to one question: "Who are we?"

Why do all those different groups care to comprehend this question of our identity?

Simply put, if you do not know who you are, you have no idea what to do, who you are made to be, what is right and wrong, and what your role is in this big, crazy world. You will be lost in the shuffle. You will grab on to what someone else's identity is, because "hey - seems to be working for them!" If that is how you find out who you really are, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will be sorely disappointed later in life.

In his book, "Who God Say You Are: A Christian Understanding of Identity", Klyne Snodgrass (awesome name) says,

"There is only one question: Who are you? Everything else in life flows from that one question. That is true whether you are a person of faith or not; the identity question is the question. In fact, every religion, every denial of religion, and every philosophy or ideology seeks to tell people who they are, how they fit with the reality around them, and how they should then live. If your life has any meaning, it will be because you project—and have projected—a meaningful identity."

The reality is that the world is looking for answers itself at the same time it is proclaiming to have the answers. It is proclaiming answers that it does not have.

Rather than take my cue from the fallen, flailing world, I am choosing to hear my answer about how I was created from the One who created me.

Who are you in Christ? Here are some Scriptures from our past messages I'd encourage you to read.

In Christ you are...

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And this week, we will see, beyond a shadow of a doubt:

You are loved.

See you Sunday,