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What Now? (New Series!)

Have you ever met anyone who is living their life on cruise control? Someone who is just 'coasting'?

I guess that is the nice way to say it. Negatively, you would say,
...they have given up trying hard in life
...they have lost their enthusiasm
...they are doing things the way they have always done them
...they are living off fumes of successes that are now decades old

No place does this little temptation to coast rear its head more than in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Some people come to faith, have great experiences early on - when the blood is pumping and excitement is high - only to have it fade quickly. In fact, in many cases a large part of Christian growth in adults comes if he or she comes to faith late in life. I love talking to people who have come to faith late in life because their energy is intoxicating. They have processed this as an adult, turned on years of avoiding Him, and are now the most whole-hearted followers of Jesus.

They grow in their faith like weeds.

Growing in your faith sounds great and I believe that many people sincerely want to, but what are the next steps? "How do I do it?"

For some, telling them to grow in their faith can be the equivalent of saying "go drink from the ocean". How do you start on something so immense? Where to begin?

For those of us who have been walking with Him for a while we know, there is always more to do on the adventure He has for us. We will never finish drinking the ocean. We will never 'arrive' until we 'arrive' in glory with Him.

Over the next few weeks in worship, we will be looking at practical ways to grow in that relationship with Him. For those of us that have walked a hundred miles and those of us that are still trying to take our first steps, there is something for everyone.

Paul tells the Philippians:
"Brothers, join in imitating me, and keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us."
Philippians 3:17

Can you think of people in your life whose growth in the Lord you admire? What made them 'successful' in their pursuit of Him? What worked for them? Why do you admire them?

See you Sunday, as we watch those who have walked closely with Him and learn from them.