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Update for Sunday, and pre-election prayer

In case you missed it last Sunday, I shared our plans to reach as many people in safe and meaningful ways as possible at our worship services!

Here is what our services for next week (Nov. 8th) will look like:

8:00 AM - extra precautions taken
We will be wearing masks the entire service with attendance limited to 50 people. We are excited about offering this opportunity to our congregation!

9:30 traditional and 11:00 contemporary - As we have been (wearing a mask in and the option to remove it at your seat.)

Please Signup and we will see you there! If you have any questions about what the services will look like, please reach out to me personally by replying to this and I'd be glad to talk.

If you are streaming online, we are glad to have you! The 9:30 and 11:00 will be streamed as always!

e440e371-7365-427b-af85-3f47962f08cd     I got several requests for the prayer that Pastor David shared this last weekend for our nation. Here it is in its entirety, modified by one of our church members from World Vision:

Dear Lord, thank You that we do have government representatives who believe Your truth. Remind them to seek Your guidance as they make decisions that affect our country and world. Give them godly wisdom and good counselors.

Lord Jesus, give our leaders the strength to be humble, soft-hearted, and willing to listen. Father God, we are grateful that You love each of us no matter our status or abilities. Help us to answer Your call to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with You. Holy Father, give our leaders the strength to make good decisions both in and out of the public eye. Help them readily give grace — and receive it. 

Jesus, thank You for humbling Yourself to walk alongside us as a man. Help our leaders be willing to walk alongside each other, their constituents, and those who have been marginalized. Help us remember the sacred calling for Christians to be united as one body.

God, forgive us for the times we’ve failed to treat each other as Your creation, for celebrating unloving behavior in our candidates and our leaders. Call our leaders to a new level of respect and civility. Remind them that You are sovereign and that the wisest choice we can make is to serve You and serve others. May there be a new movement of collaboration and respect throughout the country. Give Your people the strength to lead by example with radical, world-changing love.