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The LOVE of Christmas (part 2)

When you think of "love" what do you think of? A romantic date? A parent's deep abiding affection for their child? A mushy movie? A thoughtful card?

What about in a spiritual context? How often do we think about love in the context of our spiritual lives?

My guess is that you are like me and need to fight the temptation 'graduate' from meditating on the love of God. We have to fight the urge to 'move on' to other things.

(Reminder: Jesus was asked the greatest commandment and He answered "Love God and love others". It appears three times in the gospels: Matt 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-31,Luke 10:25-28)

John Newton was an English Clergyman probably most known for his influence on William Wilberforce as Wilberforce sought to eradicate the slave trade. How was he able to influence this man so greatly, who spread the love of God through Europe as he fought against the slave trade?

Newton once famously said,
"The love of God, as manifested in Jesus Christ, is what I would wish to be the abiding object of my contemplation."

Mine too.


Some Scripture for the Christmas Season
Matthew 1:8-2:12, Luke 2:1-21 and John 1:1-18