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The LOVE of Christmas (part 1)

Did you know the Bible has one basic message?

Oh sure, it's fun to overcomplicate it. I for one, love to get into the weeds and talk about nitty-gritty details of the faith and theological nuances. But when it comes down to it, the Bible has one basic message.

God's love for his people revealed in Jesus Christ.

(Now, to be clear, we do not get to make up our own definition of 'love'. God is love, the Scripture tells us what it is, gives examples of love in action, and we do not get to re-define it to fit our modern culture. We simply take the age-old definition and speak it into our current context.)

Love was demonstrated through the incarnation of Jesus Christ on Earth centuries ago.

We can talk about God's love, point people to God's love, but we can never improve on God's love.

This Sunday, as we have our annual Cantata in the worship services, my hope is that we will all be reminded yet again of the great love of God for all mankind.

See you Sunday.

Some Scripture for the Christmas Season
Matthew 1:8-2:12, Luke 2:1-21 and John 1:1-18

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