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Take a Hike


You are invited to join other Rocklanders on Saturday, July 8 at 8:30 am as we hike in God’s great creation – our mountains.

We will hike for 1.5 miles (all downhill) on the M. Walter Pesman Trail on Mt. Goliath, a shoulder of the greater Mt. Evans massive, you’ll be hiking from the upper trailhead at 12,152 ft. down to the lower trailhead at 11,540 ft.

Amid breathtaking scenery, you’ll see a wide variety of wildflowers (there are about 333 species on the mountain), from the tiny tundra treasures through the ancient Bristlecone Pine forest which dates back to Christ’s time 2,000 years ago, and onto the subalpine flora. Imagine you are in the Arctic, the Himalayas or the Alps for many of the plants are the same.

At the lower trailhead, you’ll walk through the World’s Highest Man-Made Garden and spend some time in the Nature Center. The area is a cooperative venture between Denver Botanic Gardens, Garden Club of Denver, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and the Clear Creek Ranger District of the United States Forest Service.

Mt. Goliath is three miles south of Echo Lake Lodge on Highway 5 (the Mt. Evans Highway). You’ll need sturdy hiking shoes or boots, sunscreen, a hat, water and your lunch if you join us for a picnic after the hike.

Shirley Johnson has guided tours down the trail since 1997 and is eager to share this magnificent place. You may have hiked with us previously but that should not stop you from joining us again. Whether it is your first time or you make an annual ritual of this hike, please call Shirley at 303-670-0520 for further details.

Hope to see you on the trail.