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Sunday (11/1): 10 Post-Election Predictions and Psalm 24


This Sunday, we will talk about how Christians can think and act Biblically before, during, and after the election. I will be laying out 10 predictions for the days ahead and giving us a place we can find rest for our souls from Psalm 24.

We are also going to try to announce our plans for worship the week after in this ever-changing time of COVID

There is still space for in-person worship!

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How to watch online

Click here and look for the drop-down menu from "Watch Online" to watch on the website, YouTube or Facebook Live. (Or see below for direct links.)

In-Person Bible Studies

We have two weekly pastor-led Bible studies in-person in Fellowship Hall in which we will look verse-by-verse through some key texts for the times we find ourselves in. Just grab your Bible and join us any time!

Men's group: Tuesdays 7-8 AM
Women's group: Wednesdays 9-10 AM