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Sunday (7/26) Notes from Rockland!


This Sunday is part 2 in "What is Wrong with Our World and How to Fix it."

If you have signed up, we will see you in person at 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00!

If you are watching from home, the 9:30 (traditional) and 11:00 (contemporary) will be live-streamed. You can go to our website ( to see the same streaming options as always!
To sign up for next week: Go to our website and click: "in-person signup" in the green box.


Big thanks to Shirley Johnson for putting this together!

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, protests, political uncertainty, and major restrictions on each of us, God has brought more people to Rockland and continued to add to our membership.

Perhaps it is our Mission Statement that reaches out to touch those who want to join us as a congregation. "Connecting all generations to Jesus as we stand for the truth of the Gospel, show God's grace to all people, and raise up the next generation to do the same."

In this time of upheaval within our culture, it appears that Rockland has become a source of strength for many. In our Statement of Faith, we declare "This church recognizes the Bible as sufficient for faith and practice and holds that living in accordance with its teachings and bearing fruit is the evidence of genuine faith.'' It is Truth from the Word of God that gives us hope.

Many have wanted to come and lock arms with us at Rockland.

We have had a total of 26 Christians join our Rockland congregation.

11 joined us online April 19:

  • Sue Armstrong -  who stepped into our Rockland community by being a greeter.
  • Richard and Melissa Bryan - want to be a part of a Rockland Bible Study.
  • Mike and Kathy Hutchinson - both are members of the Wednesday morning Bible Study and both want to be part of the communion serving team. In addition, Mike is part of the Rockland Security Team.
  • Stephen Lyle - He is part of the Evergreen Bible Study.
  • Brandon Mehmert - He is a part of our Rockland Security Team.
  • Mark and Janice Smith - They desire to volunteer in our Rockland front office when the Pandemic is over.
  • Von and Galen Unruh - They would like to participate with VBS.

On May 17, 6 more joined Rockland:

  • Travis Gilbertson - He desires to volunteer with one of our Outreach Partners.
  • Tina Harkness - She wants to be a part of one of our Rockland Bible Study Groups.
  • Todd and Erin McKay - The family is hoping to make a difference in our community by way of one of our Outreach Partners.
  • Kevin and Tausha Melling - They want to be a part of one of our Outreach Partners.

9 others joined in-person during 2020 (prior to the start of the pandemic):

  • Sherrod and Phyllis Miller
  • Andrew and Laurel Prys
  • Len and Carol Urbas
  • Stephen Mancuso
  • Paige Stock
  • Vern Selzer

We welcome all of our new members...even if we can't be together.


What you need to know this week!

-In-Person, Pastor-Led Bible Studies in Fellowship Hall!
These are paused for July. Stay tuned for details of some in-person and online studies!

-Online Zoom Bible Study for Women
Tammy Roth is leading a Zoom Bible Study entitled "The Tomb is Empty. What Happens Next?". You can email her or Pastor David for details.

Click here to send an email to our prayer team with any prayer requests you may have. If you would like it shared on our prayer distribution list please let him know, otherwise, it will be kept confidential.

-Kids' Lesson
Click HERE to download this week's family-friendly lesson, including fun activities!

-Give Online via Text or PayPal
For those that call Rockland "home", please continue to support Rockland with your offerings! You can give online through our website, including using text-to-give and PayPal options available there. Click here for ways to give. You can also mail a check to the church, our address is listed at the bottom of this email.

Stay safe and stay growing!