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Sunday (5/24) Notes from Rockland!


Thanks for the pictures of you and your family worshiping!
Surely there are a few more out there! Reply to this email if you haven't yet!

You can stream this morning's service through our website: HERE
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What you need to know this week!

-Services Today
This morning we are going to be addressing the most asked question of the 100+ from our congregation regarding Romans 13 and the relationship between Christian citizens and its government. In previous weeks, Paul established that government is a good gift from God, run by the only people that can run it: sinners. He also reminded Nero that there is throne higher than his, and that Ruler is eternal and the One to whom even he is accountable. This week: what if we had been in (for example) Nazi Germany under Hitler and ordered to partake in those atrocities? Surely we didn't have to do that, right? When is civil disobedience permissible? This will be uplifting, empowering, and kid-friendly so we'll see you in a little bit!

(9 other questions on this topic that I will not be able to address in the services, are uploaded on a quick Q&A video I did: HERE.)

-Memorial Day Message Online
We will be broadcasting a Memorial Day message by U.S. Marine and Pastor David Brown on Memorial Day at 2PM. Tune in! (Note time change from previous post of 7PM.)

-Be Watching for Outdoor Small Group Signups
We heard from several that would be interested in short-term, outdoor Bible studies led by our pastors. Be on the lookout for signups for those this week!

-COVID-19 Update
We are monitoring the Colorado Coronavirus orders in this ever-evolving situation and will be communicating updates as they become available. Our governor has said he will give guidance to churches shortly after Memorial Day. When we know something, you will know something!

-Support Rockland Small Business Owners
Several of you have asked for names of small business owners in our church family that you can support in this time. We made a list and uploaded it here. Let's go give them our support and an encouraging word!

-Give Online via Text or PayPal
For those that call Rockland "home", please continue to support Rockland with your offerings! You can give online through our website, including using text-to-give and PayPal options available there. Click here for ways to give. You can also mail a check to the church, our address is listed at the bottom of this email.

-Bible Studies Online Paused
These are paused for a week as we focus our efforts on learning how we can open for in-person Bible studies and worship services (as well as online offerings still). You can go online and watch the archive 

Click here to send an email to our prayer team with any prayer requests you may have. If you would like it shared on our prayer distribution list please let him know, otherwise, it will be kept confidential.

-Kids' Lesson
Click HERE to download this week's family-friendly lesson, including fun activities!

Stay safe and stay growing!