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Sometimes I ramble...

Three kids bragging about their fathers:

First: "My dad’s so smart he can talk for one hour on any subject."
Second: "My dad’s so smart he can talk for two hours on any subject."
Third: "My dad’s so smart he can talk for three hours and doesn’t even need a subject."

Does that sound like anyone you know? (Don't email me.) There are some people who tend to be quite verbose. They can really just talk and talk and talk and you know that when you talk to them, YOU will be the one to eventually end the conversation.

The other extreme, of course, is when we cut conversations too short. Some are seemingly obsessed with efficiency and don't take time to

Sometimes about...nothing.

Jesus (sort of) did both. He had times where he sat and talked and talked and talked (see: Sermon on the Mount) and times when he sat quietly and spoke little (see: when Pilate was accusing Him).

One of the most concise, pithy statements Christ ever made was when He called His first disciples. Think about how we recruit nowadays. We have training manuals vetted by committees that have been perfected for years, training classes, interviews, and information sessions.

What does Jesus do?

Jesus saw Simon (Peter) and Andrew fishing and his recruitment pitch was "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:18-22)

This truth struck me today. My calling and your calling have many layers to them for sure, but it reminded me of the process that Jesus was in with these men. It was not just a one-time thing: it was the start of a journey.

He called them, simply, to follow Him and they'd figure out the rest as they went.

Today, enjoy the journey that you are on with the Savior.