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Weekly Emails

Simple Challenge. Much Fruit.

I have a challenge for you. (Although technically, a challenge should...ya know...challenge you, and this really won't. Anyone can do it.

Read the 4-chapter book of 2 Timothy in one sitting.

That's it. I may sound like a broken record since I encourage that at the end of almost every worship service, but there is a reason.

The Word of God is powerful today and has been for centuries. It impacts people of all ages, races, and educational levels. If you are a Biblical scholar or a Biblical novice I'd recommend this. It is for everyone.

The simple act of sitting down and reading the Scriptures without commentary or notes is a refreshing thing for a Christian for a few reasons, but one big one comes to mind.

The only words that are promised to impact us over time are the words of God (Isaiah 55:10-11). It is interesting how much faith we put in devotional books, preachers, Bible teachers, podcasts, and blogs to teach us. My words as a pastor may not always be helpful to you. The Word of God will.

The negative about relying on mass-media type information like devotionals and YouTube sermons is that it is intended for a broad audience. Even though God can speak to everyone in those times, sitting down alone, sitting with your spouse, reading with a friend, or grabbing your kids and reading the Bible directly becomes an even more personal way to receive the words of God.

I will take you about 10 minutes. If you are like me, that is choosing to fast forward though one inning of the Rockies, watching one less mindless TV show, or giving up some other mundane thing that you do with your time. I can have the audio version going when I drive to pick up my kids instead of another radio station. I can put the audio in my headphones when I'm outside or at the gym. I can read it online in different versions to make it come alive and see it in different translations. 

There are so many options to help the word of God come alive.

Do it!

The God of the universe has spoken and He has spoken clearly. He wants you to know Him and a way to do that is through His Word. 

What a gift.

Will you open it today?

See you Sunday!