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Weekly Emails

Show Me Who You Are

Have you ever met someone who tells you they are a Christian and you surprised? I have.

e440e371-7365-427b-af85-3f47962f08cdIt quickly becomes a combination of disappointment, anger and awkwardness. Christians are called to demonstrate the love of Christ by what we do.

The famous artist, Paul Gustave Dore was once traveling between European countries and he lost his passport. (Passports were required to be shown by every traveler.) He desperately needed to get across the border that day, so he said to the police, “I am sorry, but I have lost my passport; I hope you will let me pass without it; all that I can say is that I am the artist, Dore.”

They replied, “You cannot deceive us. Many persons try to pass, claiming to be some distinguished character.”

But Dore pleased with them and insisted he was a famous artist, and so an officer finally said, “Well, we shall soon see whether you are Dore or not. Take this paper and pencil, and sketch that group of peasants standing there.”

Just a few moments later, the officers let him go, recognizing he was the artist by the art that he created. They knew what he was by what he did.

Those around us should know our faith by witnessing our actions!

During this tumultuous time, we have been granted a marvelous ministry opportunity to demonstrate our faith in the King of Kings. May we be counted faithful and may no one be surprised when they see that we serve the Lord.