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Rockland Staff Announcement

Rockland friends,

We announced to the church this morning that our Student Ministry Director Kyle Knight has resigned from our staff after just over 6 years of faithful service of loving Jesus, loving Rockland, and loving students.

Kyle let me know at the end of last year that he felt like God was calling him to something new and we have been working and praying together for the past several months to figure out what that might be. All the way back in January, he and Jackie let me know that his last day would be May 25th.

From Kyle in his own words:

To our Rockland Family,
From me, my wife Jackie, and our little boy Austin, we want to thank you all so much for making our time at Rockland so incredible and for blessing us in more ways than you will ever know. For the last few months we as a family have felt God calling us to make a change and to follow Him in a new direction and to new opportunities outside of Rockland. We have loved our time here at Rockland and have so many memories as we came in just as a dating couple in 2012, got engaged and married, and then welcomed our first little boy (Austin) into this world.

I want to thank all of the families, parents, all of Rockland’s Staff, and a special thanks to all of the students, past and present, that gave us so much joy in walking through their teenage years with and thank you all for blessing me and Jackie with some unbelievable relationships that we definitely won’t forget.

Rockland will always be family to us and we will continue to keep Rockland and all of you in our prayers as we move on to follow God’s crazy plan for our lives. Thank you all so much for truly being there for me and our family and for loving us every step of the way. 
Thank you all again for being an amazing church and amazing family to us! 

God Bless,
Kyle, Jackie, and Austin Knight

I am so glad that Kyle and Jackie were willing to give us such advance notice and be so open about the Lord's leading. It has help set us up to make plans for the future with Kyle not here at Rockland but in his new ministry.

I'm glad to announce that we have a great plan going forward to continue connecting our students to Jesus. David Brown, our new Discipleship Pastor, will be starting on May 21st and have brief overlap with Kyle. David will be overseeing the Student Ministry and also have two staff members. One of them you know: Lauren Miller is on our team now and will be working 25 hours a week going forward. We are also glad to announce that Ryan Lownsberry (husband of Polly who works at our front desk) will also be on staff at the end of May. Ryan has volunteered with our students in the past and knows Rockland (and some of the students) well. He is a student at Denver Seminary and he, Lauren and David will make a spectacular team.

They will all be at the mission trips this summer and at all our summer events. (Summer calendars will be out in the next couple weeks!)

There are great things ahead for us at Rockland and great things ahead for Kyle and Jackie. We wish them nothing but the best as they follow Him.