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Rockland Online and Important "ask"

I genuinely miss getting to see you all on Sundays and can't wait until this all passes so we can get back to whatever the new normal looks like!

3 very quick things I wanted to mention:

1) Log on and watch with us Sunday at 9AM! I know it is not the same as being together in person, but it is the best we can do for now! God can still move in our hearts and minds even while we are distanced for this period of time, no question.

2) Consider inviting someone to virtual/online church. They might not want to come to a physical building the first time, but so many are looking for hope and peace in this time and would logon and watch online. They just need to be invited!

3) Send me pictures! My heart was very warmed to received some pictures from many of you worshipping together last week in your homes. As a handful of staff is here worshipping together, we would love to see pictures of you all worshipping that we can have with us. Just snap a pic Sunday morning and send it to this email.

Keep on praying for God's will to be done and that He might be glorified through us.

Hope you'll be watching on Sunday.