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Weekly Emails

Rockland Fire Evacuation

When we go to church, a fire evacuation of our Church on Sunday morning is likely the farthest thing from most people’s minds.  Yet, it is something that the Security Committee has thought about and for which we have planned.  The forty or so Security Team Observers and Ushers are being trained in our Evacuation Procedures. Our mission is to protect life and property and to provide a safe worship environment at Rockland.

In the unfortunate situation of a fire in the church building, the fire will be sensed by the many fire alarm sensors and the alarm will sound, and automatically call 911 to inform Genesee Fire Rescue and Highlands Rescue Team of the fire and our location. Should this alarm sound, all individuals should immediately proceed out the nearest exit in an orderly manner.  Once you are outside, proceed to a gathering area in the North Parking Lot, or to your vehicle.  The downstairs Sunday School and children will proceed to the West (back) Parking Lot.  Parents may be united with their children in the West Parking Lot.

The area around the main entrance doors should be clear in order to leave that area open for emergency personnel.  Meanwhile, listen for loudspeaker announcements which could indicate exits to avoid that may be blocked by the fire or debris. The fire department and Highlands medical team will be there to facilitate the evacuation.