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Rockland: 2 Things I'm Pumped About RIGHT NOW!


Two things that I am pumped about today:

First of all, I have the all-clear from the doctor and can't wait to be back with you this Sunday! 

Second, this week we are kicking off a series in the Gospel of Luke that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. I have been studying Luke intently for several months now and can't WAIT to talk through it together.


Do you know much about the Gospel of Luke?

Luke's gospel tells the story of the life of Jesus from the perspective of Luke, a Greek doctor, who was a traveling companion of Paul (2 Tim 4:11). It is written, as we see in the introduction, so that a man named Theophilus can "have certainty concerning the things that he has been taught".

Remember, they lived in a time where capitulating to the culture would have had a huge payoff since they were being ostracized and sometimes martyred for their faith. There was an overabundance of outside pressure to hide their faith in the name of self-preservation and avoid shame and personal harm.

The Gospel of Luke was to give Theophilus certainty, and I am confident it will give us even more certainty of the things we profess to be true today.

My hope and prayer for this series is that we know God's Word better, know the life of our Savior more richly, and become even more grounded in our faith than we ever thought possible.

As we embark on this journey together to study God's Word in this Gospel, come to church or tune in online with an open heart, ready to be affirmed, challenged, and exhorted, so that your heart might be stirred for Jesus.

A few ways you can maximize this time in the Gospel of Luke:
1) Don't miss a message. If you are not able to make it back to worship yet or if you miss a Sunday, plan to stay up to date! We are going to walk verse-by-verse through the entire text, so, follow the podcast, make a weekly appointment to watch online, or come in person with your Bible in hand.

2) Follow along in your Bible. Get your Bible out and mark it up. Make a weekly appointment to watch online or in-person and get your Bible to follow along. We have some ESV Scripture journals for the taking for anyone who would use one. If you are not back in person yet, please come by and grab one!

3) Pre-read the text for that day. See below for this week's text, Luke 1:1-4.

I am excited to think of what God would do in the life of Rockland as we walk through this precious book together.

See you Sunday!