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Question for you, Rockland. PLEASE READ AND REPLY!

I have a very important question for you:
What are your questions?


This Sunday I will be preaching on a text that historically brings up TONS of questions. Seriously, it might evoke more questions than almost any other text in the Scriptures. If you lead this in a Bible study/interactive format, good luck finishing it in one week.

I would love to know your questions before the sermon so I can address them head-on. If you would, please do two quick things:

1) Read the short text for Sunday (see below). The topic is that a Christian is to submit to the governing authorities because God has put them there. Romans 13:1-7.

2) Send your quick, anonymous response with a question that you would hope to be answered Sunday to this email. It comes directly to me. General comments are ok as well!

That's it!

"See" you Sunday!
(Or this week on YouTube!)

(Reply to Jim Gribnitz)