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Prayer Request and Challenge for Rockland

Ed Lange has been a dear friend to me for this season that we have been serving together, and has been such a true friend and pastor to so many of you for so many years. Recently, I convinced him to put together the following update to send to the congregation concerning some information he has gotten regarding his health.

Good Day Rockland!

Since early Fall, I have been experiencing some health issues. The good news is that my medical team has been quite thorough and have ruled out anything very serious.The consensus is that I have a virus that has hit me hard and is really hanging out. The best way for me to completely get over this virus is to rest.

As a result, at least for the next week or two, I will not be in the office and when I return to the office, it shall be at a reduced work schedule (most likely through the end of February 2017).

Please know that we serve a God who has my health in the palm of His hand! I truly believe He will restore me to full health! And so with that, I thank you in advance for your prayers regarding my health and your understanding as I will be less available this month of February.

In His Grip,
Pastor Ed Lange

I am sure many of you are wondering, 'what can we do?'. Here are a few thoughts.

1) Relax. God in heaven is Ed's comfort and Ed has complete faith in Him to guide him through this time. We would be wise to follow this example.
2) Pray. Pray for his health to get back to normal so he no longer has to experience any of the symptoms he is experiencing now.
3) Offer grace. If you leave Ed a message, it may be a while before he gets back to you, or someone else may get back to you on his behalf. Our priority right now is rest for our brother in Christ!
4) Write a note. Instead of showering him with food, emails, phone calls, and texts, writing a note of encouragement and prayer and leaving it in his box in the office would be quite a blessing for him.

I know many of you have been touched by his example and care. Ed's desire is the same as all of us who follow Christ: That we would be obedient to the great commandment given by Christ to love God and love others well.

May that be our challenge this day.
-Lead Pastor, Jim Gribnitz