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Pews to Chairs


Much like the children’s story of the Christmas tree that was turned into chairs so it could be useful and loved every day of the year, is the story of our beloved sanctuary pews. All of our pews found good homes!

In the early 2000s, Rockland began to expand and additional pews were built by Boy Scout Troop 737. A majority of the pews were built by Sean Coyle as his Eagle Scout project with the help of his father, Mike Coyle. Sean and his family came out on Sunday and took a few pews home to be enjoyed by family and friends. Several other families took home their regular pew to remember the countless years and special times at Rockland. Rockland employees took pews to grace gardens and to be turned into sturdy picnic tables.

First Presbyterian Church of Golden will use the pews in their new prayer chapel. Crossroads Church of Denver also claimed pews for their new fellowship hall. Red Rocks Community College will use the pews for students who are unable to purchase wood for projects. The pews will be repurposed into tables, chairs and other craft projects. The remainder of the pews will be used as seating for the pre-tour movie at Argo Mill and Tunnel in Idaho Springs.

As bittersweet as it is to say goodbye to the beautiful pews, they have gone on to find happy and useful homes and we here at Rockland look forward to the years ahead in comfy, modern chairs.