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Have you ever read the gospels in chronological order? This website has an example of a reading plan you could follow, but there are many more on the web.

Why is this a good idea?

In "Four Portraits, One Jesus: A Survey of Jesus and the Gospels", Mark Strauss says:

"To Christian believers, the Gospels record the “greatest story ever told,” the events of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Messiah. They narrate the climax and turning point of human history, when God acted decisively to achieve salvation for people everywhere. To study the Gospels is to study the foundation of Christianity."

These great texts give us God-inspired, man-recorded words of the greatest story ever told. I realized one day, that for the time I spend immersing myself in the stories our media gives us (i.e. watching TV), I could swap that time in the greatest story ever. Guess which was a better use of my time?

May I encourage you to grab a reading plan and dive in? Some of the greatest revelations about our faith life come when we encounter the Scriptures for ourselves.

Picture the teenage guy who has a relationship with a young woman entirely through hearsay of a friend. Wouldn't your first step be to encourage him to talk to her in person? (You might have some different advice for her...) Why would he rely on second-hand information rather than engaging with her himself?

You can come to church, come to Bible studies, and read great books where educated people break the Bible into digestible chunks. But don't miss the experience of encountering Him yourself in His Word.

See you Sunday!

Reminder: we have our annual meeting on February 4th starting after the second service (11:30). We have some exciting things to celebrate and some important things to vote on. You can grab a packet to preview it this week after the worship service or download one HERE.