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In Case You Missed It!

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In case you missed a fun announcement this morning...

Rockland has started the process to hire a third pastor, a Pastor of Discipleship, who will lead our discipleship efforts at Rockland from 6th grade through adults! This is incredibly exciting for me, our staff and our elders! (Dennis Jeffrey has been a HUGE help in this process to help by consulting and drilling down on specifics of this person's role at Rockland.)

What does a Discipleship Pastor do?
The Discipleship Pastor will be charged with helping people 6th grade through adults be connected in Biblical Community: groups that grow together and care for each other.

What about a Worship Pastor?
As I mentioned a couple months ago from the pulpit, after searching for some time and not finding someone that would be a great fit as worship pastor for Rockland we thought the Lord might be moving us another direction. To give confirmation of this, Heidi Duston and Susan Banning are rockstars (no pun intended), and several volunteers have stepped up to help musically as well, so we opted to see if we could make both services happen well using them and volunteers. The result? We see a packed house in the early hour and have witnessed a great launch to our new expression of worship in the late hour, with many of you bringing people from the community to be a part of worship at Rockland!

Why a "Discipleship" pastor?
One pastor friend of mine says, "circles are better than rows." The call of the church is to "make disciples", so it makes sense to have a staff person dedicated to helping people be in community where people are personally challenged and disciples are formed. This pastor's main role will be to help people at Rockland connect more deeply in community by helping create new groups and work with our current groups to help them grow in Christ together and care for each other. 

One of the greatest tragedies in our churches today is that people come and leave and no one really notices. That should break our hearts and we do not want that to be the legacy of Rockland. Though we can only do so much and have certainly missed the mark at times, we don't want church-goers here to be anonymous. This Discipleship Pastor can help structure some groups to help people be cared for, known and loved by others here at Rockland.

We will keep you informed as we move along in the process, but please pray for us as we search! The team is: Jan Keating, Chris Dodge, Gordon Steere, Jessica Kern, and me (Jim).

And finally....

Why is this announcement 'fun'?
It's fun to think that God knows this person already, even though we don't. Neither we nor this 'pastor-to-be' knows that one day we will be serving Christ together here at Rockland. I sense God is sitting back waiting with joy as His followers watch this divine process unfold. I picture Him sitting on His throne looking down and smiling, knowing that we will be going on a journey uncovering who this mystery person is that He has already picked for us. He knows, but we and the new hire don't, so He gets to watch us trust Him, walk with Him, and experience the joy of this coming together.

That's why it's fun.