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Important Note for Rockland re: Chris Dodge's retirement!

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As I mentioned last year, Chris Dodge is officially retiring from Rockland after 17 years and this is her last Sunday on staff. In the services this weekend, I am going to take a moment to say some words about her so I hope you can be there or tune in!

I'll try and keep my words to a minimum on Sunday or I could babble on foreverJim -email photo about Chris and what she has meant to me and Nikki since we moved here five years ago. She has been a true friend and partner in ministry. 

Here is a note from Chris in her own words...

It is hard to believe it was over 17 years ago when I left the corporate world to come to a part-time job (haha) at Rockland. It was the best career decision I have ever made and God’s hand was in that process the whole way! I believe I was called to work here. 

I have grown as a person, and in my faith while here. I pray that I have had the opportunity to make a difference in many ways for the church and for the congregation. 

As I reflect on my career at Rockland, here are some of my favorite highlights - 

  • Hiring over 40 staff members – and my continued relationships with them
  • Coordinating over 90 memorial services for Rockland families and the community
  • Going on 5 High School/Middle School mission trips, & treasuring relationships with the students and other leaders
  • Many facility upgrade projects over the years, maybe my favorite was coordinating the staff working in trailers while the center section of the church was torn down and rebuilt!
  • Working hard with Ken and Coleen to help Rockland become debt-free
  • Working with so many dear congregation members over the years
  • Working to document my area of ministry for my successor

I have many dear friends at Rockland and beyond from my time here. These will be lifelong friendships!

I am ready for the next chapter and excited to be able to retire. Don’t yet know what that means, but once COVID is behind us, I will be seeking God’s plan on how to continue to make a difference in the lives of others. I hope to hear one day, well done good and faithful servant- just not too soon!
Love you all - Chris

I hope her life of service inspires you all to live well for Jesus Christ and serve Him. It has sure inspired me!

See you Sunday,

P.S. - If you want to drop Chris a card, just send it to the office and we can get it to her!