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How to Waste Time

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It sure seemed unimportant when she said it, but now I can't forget it. Let me set the scene...

Years ago we had a panel discussion at a church where I was a student pastor. We had the boys with a panel of 4-5 Christian men of varying backgrounds and ages. The teenage girls also had a panel of 4-5 Christian women. We had some questions for the panel already, and then opened the floor for questions.

I was running back and forth between the two groups and popped into the girls' group right as a young lady asked a question that was basically "How do I not worry about what other people think of me?" The women took turns answering.

To be honest, their answers were all pretty long. More than that, I wondered how helpful they actually were.

I listened to the answers and thought, maybe that is exactly what another female needs to hear and so I just was glad to have other females speaking truth to them.

As I was walking out, the oldest on the panel spoke. If I had walked any faster I would have missed it. She said "Young lady, there is always so much in life you could worry about, but you get to decide whether or not to worry when those moments arise. In general, worry is a big, dumb waste of time."

The girls broke out in applause. 

Journalist Eric Sevareid said, “The biggest business in America is not steel, automobiles, or television. It is the manufacture, refinement, and distribution of anxiety.”

The world exports worry with no remedy. The God over and above the world, says "Cast your burdens on me, because I care for you." 1 Peter 5:7

His way is better. He can handle worry and anxiety so much better than you and I can. Cast your cares on Him.

He does care for you.

"See" you Sunday.

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