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How to Stop Time


Have you ever noticed that the world never offers to slow itself down for you to catch your breath? I have.


e440e371-7365-427b-af85-3f47962f08cdThe world is always more than happy to pile more junk on me to get done but rarely offers help and assistance in actually completing the tasks. There is always one more worry, one more opportunity, one more stressor, one more 'thing'.

There are so many times I think: "I wish things would pause for a few minutes, hours, or days so I can catch my breath and get perspective on my faith, my marriage, my personal life, my kids, and what really matters in life."

Then I think: "What am I waiting for?"

The world is not going to voluntarily stop on my behalf.

The rapidity of our lives with no breaks can make us lose sight of what really matters: God and people (Matt 22:36-40). Time won't just pause.

How do we "Be still and know that I am God"? (Psalm 46:10) Simple: if the world is not going to slow down for us (which it won't) we need to take the reins. We have to be intentional about slowing things down, getting away, turning off our phones, and just...being.

How can we take a break, catch our breath, slow down time, and check our priorities? For me, it is breaking my routine somehow, usually by getting away. We are blessed to live in a place where we can drive to about a thousand beautiful, relaxing places within about an hour's drive. When is the last time you went to one, phoneless, just to unwind, relax and think?

Healthy lifestyles always have a healthy structure of refreshment in them. I personally get away a couple of times a year to go camping by myself, hopefully to a place with no cell service. I also stick to my days off pretty well in order to be able to breathe and gain perspective. I bought a collapsible, easily transportable camping chair and Lake Evergreen has become a favorite hangout of mine.

How about you? It may seem impossible, but you can get away. What if you put on the calendar two times a year to take a day and drive somewhere to just sit and think and ask the Lord for perspective? What about a date night once a month to just sit with your spouse and...ya Go on a picnic to a lake and just relax. Put your phone down every evening so no one gets to tell you what to think, when. Go decompress and listen to the Lord.

Say no to good things to pursue the best things.

Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Your own soul, your marriage, your health, your kids, your friends, your work will be better.

See you Sunday! (Still spots available!)