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How Faith Works: We Are What We Do

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Suppose you see me interacting with my wife and kids and you make the following observations:

1) My wife Nikki is in the middle of talking to someone and I barge in and cut her off mid-sentence. In fact, she recoils so readily that it seems to you that this is the 'normal' way of operating in my family.

2) My kids come up and ask a question and I barely look up from my phone as I am texting someone else, and flippantly tell them to 'go ask mom.'

3) You learn I work 80+ hours a week, almost every night and weekend, and I am not real sure how my family feels about it. When someone asks how they feel, I roll my eyes as though I am annoyed that I have to think about them!

Now, imagine this:
You: "Jim, tell me about your family!"
Me: "They are the most important thing in the world to me."

What would you think about that? Either I am lying (they are not really that important but I am saying they are) or ignorant (my actions don't reflect what I am saying is true). It would no doubt raise a red flag when I say I love them when I say they are important, yet what I do screams otherwise.

With that in mind, James says:
"I will show you my faith by what I do." (James 2:18)

This week, by God's grace, would you walk with a faith that is obvious and demonstrated to everyone you meet. Let's together show people our faith by what we do. May it be so clear that they don't need to ask if we are a Christ-follower.

They will already know we are.

Scripture for this week's message, How Faith Works, Part 3: James 3:1-12.

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