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How are you prepping for Easter?

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How can you prepare your hearts and minds for Easter this year? If Christmas was any indication, there will be many who will not gather with friends and family as they have in Easters past. Some will not be able to come to a church and celebrate with their brothers and sisters in the Lord. I know some families that have a tradition of going out to a big dinner that they have been told is not an option this year.

Jim -email photoEaster traditions may look different, but the reason for Easter is the same. Christ is risen.
One church bishop said: 
The nearer we approach our Paschal (“Easter”) joy, so much the purer we ought to make ourselves by fasting, by praying, by watching, and by all the works of mercy; and furthermore, to wash out our sins by continual weeping. And if anyone thinks that he need not weep for his own sins, at least he ought in these days to sorrow for the sufferings of his Lord. For though He was God before all worlds, coming in the form of a servant, and being spit upon and scourged by wicked men, for their and our salvation, He did not abhor at this time to lay down His life.

-Atto, 10th Century Bishop of Vercelli (Northern Italy)

So I ask again, “how can you prepare your heart and mind for this Easter?” How can you see the resurrection of our Savior in all its glory instead of the faded version that the world gives with eggs, bunnies, and food?
Rockland has a Maundy Thursday service in person and online. We have the Sanctuary open on Good Friday with music by Susan and Heidi for you to come in, pray, reflect, and pray some more. And then…Easter Sunday.

He is risen.
But maybe there are other ways?
1) Read the stories of Holy week in the gospels. (Matt 21-28, Mark 11-16, Luke 19:28-24:12, John 12:12-20:25) Since the account appears 4 times, you could take one a day over four days – from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday.
2) Start every day with a prayer thanking God for His Son’s sacrifice and triumph. Intentionally say “Thank you for the empty tomb” in every prayer.
3) Make a list that says “Because of the Resurrection” or “Because Jesus is Alive” and fill it in all throughout Holy Week.
There are lots of ways to prepare for this special day, but every day should be about the resurrected Lord.
He is risen.