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'Grace' Summarized

What image comes to mind when you think of grace?

-A super-duper paper towel that can clean all the dirt off of you?
-An eraser that has erased all your sin?
-Tweezers that can pluck the tiny imperfections out of you?

How can we best picture what God has done for us in Jesus?

I heard this story a while back and took the time to find it so I could quote it exactly:

"An old Indian, after living many years in sin, was led to Christ by a missionary. Friends asked him to explain the change in his life. Reaching down, he picked up a little worm and placed it on a pile of leaves. Then, touching a match to the leaves, he watched them smolder and burst into flames. As the flames worked their way up to the center where the worm lay, the old chief suddenly plunged his hand into the center of the burning pile and snatched out the worm. Holding the worm gently in his hand, he gave this testimony to the grace of God: “Me … that worm!”

When we talk about the gospel, we focus on words like 'forgiveness' and 'love'. (And we should use those words!) But we should also use words like our 'helplessness' and 'rescue' to describe the grace of God. The work of Jesus in our lives was and is a miraculous thing. The Bible says we were DEAD in our sin (Ephesians 2, Colossians 2) and it took a great God to provide a rescue that only He can.

Remember that you have sinned, but if you are in Christ, the debt is paid.

He has snatched you up and you have been rescued.

Let's live like it.

See you Sunday, fellow worm!