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From Israel, with Love...

Greetings, from Israel! 50 Rocklanders are here and we are having a deeply moving time. Thank you for praying for us!

If this trip to the Holy Land has reaffirmed any singular truth over and over, it is this: Jesus is real

You walk all over this land and see the evidence that He lived and lives. We've been to Nazareth, The Mount of Olives, The Mount of the Beatitudes, Megiddo, Jerusalem, Caesarea, all over Galilee. We've sat in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the places where tradition said that Peter denied Him, where Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and where died on the cross and was laid in the tomb. And we are barely half way through. We see the locations he has lived, performed miracles, and done the work His Father gave Him to do. We are seeing where He was born, where he grew up as a boy, and where He spent his adulthood. 

However, some of the most compelling evidence that we've seen that Jesus is real, has nothing to do with the geography. It is the fact that, 3,000, 40-passenger buses are rented in Israel on average at any given time, year-round! And on this trip, we have seen thousands of Christians on pilgrimages from all over the globe.

Think about that...

2,000 years ago, this one man, born to a 'nothing' of a couple in  a cave of an unimpressive city in a small nation, before the internet and social media, brought a message that couldn't help but spread like wildfire. And since the beginning of that message, no enemy has been able to put that fire out, though countless adversaries have tried.

That message has now changed lives for 2,000 years. That story has reached so many languages and so many different lands, and changed so many lives despite great opposition from some of the fiercest empires our world has ever known.

Just seeing those people from all over the world convening in Jerusalem to worship, get baptized the Jordan, and sing praise songs at Holy sites, is a reminder that the story of Christ has broken through for centuries and will continue to break down any barrier, cross any sea, and can touch any heart that receives Him.

Jesus Christ was (and is) an unstoppable force.

May we never doubt this: Jesus is real.

(Enjoy a few pictures from the trip above and below!)


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