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Ed's Announcement

In case you missed our worship services today, I made an announcement on behalf of Pastor Ed (who is home sick so he was unable to do it in person - pray for him!) I'll let him tell you in his own words. (See below)

To My Dear Rockland Community Church Friends, Ed Lange

After much prayerful deliberation, Michelle and I believe that the Lord is leading me to retire from my professional ministerial career at Rockland Community Church later this year, after 31 years of ministry. I have discussed this with the staff and Elders and announced it to the congregation this morning. I will retire effective September 15, 2020 and, while I will miss formal ministry, I look forward to more time with family and everything else that goes along with retirement.
I have been so incredibly blessed to have worked with Ken Williams and Jim Gribnitz as well as many other superb Rockland Staff (i.e. David Brown, Chris Dodge, Lori Fullmer, Susan Banning and so many countless others). In addition, I praise God to have worked with some of the finest godly men and women in leadership at Rockland over my 31-year professional career. Finally, I truly believe that both Jim and David are the right pastors to lead Rockland into this 3rd decade of the 21st century and well beyond.  
My main goal for 2020 will be to assist Rockland in making this transition as smooth and successful as it can be until my retirement date. With that in mind, I would be honored and blessed to meet with anyone who would like to talk about Jesus, life or even my retirement! Please note, after my retirement in September of 2020, I still plan on being available to perform any memorial services and weddings, as needed!
As you probably know, I will always hold a special place in my heart for all my years at Rockland and for how this church community has blessed the entire Lange family with prayer and support through all of our joys and struggles in life. As I have said, I have experienced “a wonderful Life” being one of Rockland’s pastors since January 1989! Finally, I truly believe that Rockland’s best years in Jesus are still ahead of her!  
To Jesus and Jesus alone be all the glory, honor, and power! Now and forevermore. Amen.
In His Grip,
Pastor Ed Lange

Nikki and I LOVE Ed and Michelle dearly and they have nothing but our 100% support, love, and thanks. My family and the Rockland family are so honored that Ed gave us such a long notice once he and Michelle came to this decision.

When you see him and Michelle, give out big hugs, but don't say "good-bye". There is much Kingdom work yet to be done through September and Ed will do his usual awesome, energetic, Jesus-exalting part in it.

There are lots of questions I am sure about what is next for Rockland, and we will start to figure that out soon enough. Today, I just want to honor Ed Lange, the man, the myth, the Raider's fan.

Grateful to God for Langes,