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Easter is Upon Us!

This Sunday is THE Sunday. It is the day we celebrate the most important event in all of history, the resurrection of Christ showing His victory over death and sin. You know what makes that time even more meaningful? Knowing more of the story of the time leading up to it.

Why does a championship in any sport feel so sweet? It is not just winning one game: it is the build up to the victory that makes it sweeter. The grind that the players and coaches went through all season finally has the big payoff. If you just watch the Super Bowl you experience it differently than if you had watched the champion (just for argument's sake, we'll call them the "Dallas Cowboys") play all season long.

When we see the empty tomb, remembering the grueling time it took to get there, it takes on an even more powerful meaning.

Knowing how sin had stained the world.
Knowing that humanity was doomed to failure on our own.
Knowing that a way was made when Christ came.
Knowing that He was innocent but died like someone who was guilty.
Knowing that we belonged on that cross, not Him.
Knowing He was victorious over the grave on Easter.

Watching Him struggle on earth lets us walk with Him more fully and makes the empty tomb all the more precious.

The build up to the event magnifies the event even more so I pray that Holy Week for you will be a time to build anticipation, so that Easter Sunday is as joy-filled as it can possibly be.

Here are the gospel accounts of the message of the resurrection!
Matthew 28:1-15
Mark 16:1-13
Luke 24:1-12
John 20:1-10

See you Sunday!

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