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Dollar Bill Program


On Sunday morning as the collection plate is passed among us the $1 dollar bills pile up even though many other bills and checks are there and a good percentage of the congregation has their tithe on automatic from checking account to Rockland.

Why so many $1 dollar bills? It’s our Dollar Bill program which has been so favorably supported by our congregation. Each month an outreach program is designated as the recipient of all those dollars PLUS Rockland matches those donations.

Last year the dollar program donated to Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity, Denver Rescue Mission, Youth Mission Trips, Mountain Area Pregnancy Center, Food Bank of the Rockies, Inner City School, Hands of the Carpenter, Joy House, local MOPS chapter, Clear Creek Rock House, EChO and Loaves and Fishes . For those missions, the congregation donated $8,466 and with our church’s match they received $16,932.

This year those missions plus Mean Street, Orlando Shooting Victims, and Romania were covered.

It’s just a dollar a week but look how it grows when we join in this special program.